Road to Montana

Stop Elko, Nevada. Got to Elko, around 8pm after a long drive. I was using Apple Maps for direction to a restaurant and Google for a long drive because google map was able to find the camp site. Some how I ended up at Elko Airport Temina, instead of restaurant. Finally, I discover Apple Map was take over direction and two voice competed with each other on direction. Entertainment Zone Elko, Nevada

Tenkara Bug Out, Oakridge Oregon

It was a very first Community Tenkara event which organized by Jim Vandagrift. It was very fun and fishing was fantastic. There were about 20+ fishers there. Each of us enter raffle for a fishing hole.  I was lucky to fish with Jim in a after, we caught quite a few fish. Fishing kept getting better and better as the sun down. Grasshopper was a hot item for the day. Thank for Jim for organizing the event, it was well worth it 8 hours drive each way from Bay Area.

2017 Golden Trout Fishing

2017 is the year of high water, I did not know how the Golden Trout fishing trip was going be. There was some snow patches on the trails just two weeks before I went. It turned out my friend Paul, his kids and I went. Others did not make it. Fishing wad nothing but fantastic. I got there around 6pm, everyone was getting ready for dinner. I took the opportunity of 2.5 hours of day light left and hit on stream. Fish until 8 pm got abut 20 beautiful fish on small stream near the camp ground. Caught about four different fish and they are match with my rod grip :D

We're Launching XL-1

We're launching Tanuki XL-1 today. What's new with Tanuki XL? 1. Development of Tanuki XL-1 is a collaboration with designer from Italy and rod engineers from China --- original, no clone or relabel. 2. It raises Tanuki's bar a notch higher. A. It is lighter and more comfortable (better ergonomics). B. Smoother casting. C. Fishon feels like Tanuki 325. Horseshoe on 10" but no prisoner on 20". D. Accurate casting is up a notch. E. Enhanced dry fly manipulation, beyond the dead drift. Fly manipulation is for those who love Japanese tenkara fishing style, who believe in fly manipulation over the dead drift --- dry fly manipulation is more fun and promises better results. It makes you a be

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