Tenkara Boot Camp Oct 13, 2018

I would like to invite you to Tenkara Boot Camp at Cardinal Village Resort, Bishop CA on Oct 13, 2018. Experience tenkara fishers come around country to present and to share their knowledge.  For more info : www.TenkaraTanuki.com/events Please share to your friends. Thank you, Luong

Introducing New Tanuki Gold Trout Rods

After two year of developing, Tanuki Golden Trout is finally here. You can order online for an introduction price with the code GTW before Aug 12th. Golden Trout rod is designed to fish small native fish like golden trouts, bookies, small cutthroats and other small panfish like bluegills. It is great for small streams, tight cover, small pocket waters. It is extremely light (less than 1.4oz or 42 grams) with a collapse length about 19". It is fantastics for mountaineers, backpackers and young people. Over the last two years, the rod has been tested with people of all levels and all ages - from a 6 years old to a grandpa and from a first timer to a tenkara fisher with 48 years of experience

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