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We're Launching XL-1

We're launching Tanuki XL-1 today. What's new with Tanuki XL?

1. Development of Tanuki XL-1 is a collaboration with designer from Italy and rod engineers from China --- original, no clone or relabel.

2. It raises Tanuki's bar a notch higher.

A. It is lighter and more comfortable (better ergonomics). B. Smoother casting. C. Fishon feels like Tanuki 325. Horseshoe on 10" but no prisoner on 20". D. Accurate casting is up a notch. E. Enhanced dry fly manipulation, beyond the dead drift. Fly manipulation is for those who love Japanese tenkara fishing style, who believe in fly manipulation over the dead drift --- dry fly manipulation is more fun and promises better results. It makes you a better angler. F. It is more sensitive for modern nymphing. It is designed with competitive fishers in mind and a lot more.

With a lighter weight and a long rod give fisher more relax(less tired)" -- Dry fly manipulation set up a little different than common "standard", when I designed XL, there is a lot of tweaks. Dry fly manipulation is a power of Tenkara rod. Tradition tenkara rod designed to manipulate Kebari (soft hackle fly) size between #12 - #6. Dry fly fishing is more fun and visually exciting. Relax holding and loosen the wrist with a few tab of index finger on the grip, the grasshopper fly come to life.

Tenkara Rod Tanuki XL-1

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