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Tanuki Ninja-Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod Now on Kickstarter.

It is here on Kickstarter after a glitch.

I am very excite to let you know, Tanuki Ninja is finally up on Kickstarter with a little glitch during the launch.

All the single rod will be available at 9:00 AM PST Jan. 18, 2019. Here is the direct link to the project. Please SHARE the projects with your friends and social media.

Tanuki Ninja is the first tenkara rod is designed and built for specific fishing methods and casting a very fine line. It is designed for tactical nymphing and dry fly fishing. Fishing with a very fine line would help fisher to take more advantage from the rod.

Tanuki Ninja rod spec

The rod is the most sensitive 11' 6". Sensitivity would help fishers to detect a subtile bite from a big fish in deep water. The rod tip is design and built for casting nymphs and top water fly better from #22 midge to a little mouse. It is a little more than two years of developing and testing with all ages from 9 up and have caught endless of fish size up to 23" rainbow in East Coast.

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