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Tanuki XL-1 Review

After more than year of working and testing, Tanuki XL-1 is in the final stage of production. "Casting the rod is a real pleasure. The rod is so light and well balanced, with such an impressive rotational moment for a 400+ cm rod, that it feels as if there is no swing weight at all. The action is relaxed and smooth. There is no appreciable tip over shoot or oscillation noticed. Both linear and rotational dampening are excellent." you can read more about Tenkara Tanuki XL-1 Review, by Tom Davis,

Instead of rushing into producing Tanuki XL-1 for the 2016 holiday season after overwhelming positive feedbacks at the Tenkara Jam 2016 in North Carolina which is the largest tenkara fisher gathering in East Coast, I have been taking the prototypes with me to test at fly fishing trade shows and fishing related events across the country and overseas. To find out more about Tanuki XL-1 Development.

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