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Fishing with Tanuki XL-1 Rod

I have spent a solid day fishing with Tanuki X-1 rod which is about 13' 3" or 405 cm. Just like any other days, fish always seem to stay on the other side of the bank! It would be a big challenge with a fly rod in this location, because there is a lot of different currents and boulders in between. In order to reach a few more inches further without having a line on water, I raised my arm straight and cast with my wrist. Casting with a 13' rod and fluorocarbon like #2.5 (#2.5 is a Japanese level line system and it is about 10 lb test fluorocarbon here in US) has many advantages over the other lines like tapered furled leader or floating lines. For example, #2.5 line sags less than furled line and it is easier to keep the line off the water. Like fly rods, each tenkara rod is designed and built for casting with a specific line in mind. Tanuki XL-1 makes it look easy to cast with level line #2.5.

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