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The Oni School 2017

I am very excited to be able to attend the Oni School this year again after weeks of rescheduling my business around it. It is going to be a very short trip for me this year but it is worth every penny for me. Over the years, Oni and I have become good friends because we both share the same passion in rod making.

I have been going to the Oni School since it first opened here in the US hosted by Tenkara Guides in 2015. Oni is a nickname of the world renowned tenkara master, Masami Sakakibara. Every time I go to Oni school, I learn a lot more than the year before. I am looking forward to learning twice as much as last time.

The Oni School is very special for me. It is the birth place of Tanuki rod. My first trip to the Oni School, I was trying a confirmed to my decision of making Tanuki rods for public. Chris Stewart at Tenkara Bum and many fishers there were showing interest in Tanuki 375. If Rob Worthing at Tenkara did not say ”Leave the way it is, I want this for me”, there won't be a Tanuki 425 for public. Tanuki 425 has become a favor rod for many experience fishers here and over sea. My first trip to the Oni School definitely confirmed my decision of making Tanuki rods for public.

The Oni School is gathering about 20 hardcore tenkara fishers. Tenkara Guides is doing a good job of focusing on quality vs quantity.

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