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Tanuki 375 Vertical Bend Test for Tenkara Rod

Tenkara Rod Bend Test

Nov 2015, Vertical bend of tenkara rods is very important for some good reasons: 1. Most of the time a tenkara fisher lands fish with a tenkara rod on a vertical position and grabs the line with another hand. This is the weakest rod position. 2. The lifting power of the rod is stronger on the lower section. Rod bending is in the act of transferring the energy from the tip to the butt section. 3. Tenkara rod is long. A good bend will reduce the torque force where the angler’s wrist is acting as fulcrum (axis point). 4. Good bends make fishers feel good. For more than a year, I have been testing and developing Tanuki 375. When I receive the first batch of final commercial production, I want to be sure the final rods bend at least as much or better than the previous prototype.

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