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Snow Tanuki 425 (White bone Demon)

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Product Details

Snow Tanuki 425 uses the same blank as Tanuki 425. It is a rod for serious tenkara fishers and guides. Snow Tanuki's colors are inspired by a red-crowned crane, which is Japanese national bird. It is designed for those who who think out of the box and can sneak up to fish with confidence.
With a strong backbone of Western Tenkara rod and delicate flexibility of Japanese tips, it is built for pinpoint casting. It is designed for anglers who like to fish with a small dry fly as well as European modern nymphing style.
Blanks are built with Japanese carbon fiber by Toray and grips are in high density synthetic EVA foam.


Length: about 425 cm (~13' 11-1/4")
Closed Size: about 59 cm (~23")
Segments: 9
Handle Length: 30 cm (11-3/4”)
Weight: 96 grams 3.4 oz
Color: Glossy White


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