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Tanuki 325 (Black Wing Angel)

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Tanuki 325 / Black Wing Angel

Tanuki 325 is designed for small streams. It is a highly responsive rod like other Tanuki rods. It is designed to catch fish that are between 8" - 16” in size. It is the lightest rod compared with others rods of similar length. Ultra light and high flexible tip section is designed for better casting with level line. Flexible tip and light weight is what Tanuki 325 provide.
With a strong strong backbone of Western Tenkara rod and delicate flexibility of traditional Japanese, it is built for pinpoint casting. It creates a horse bend on 11" trout,; it is not under powered to control 18” fish. It is designed for anglers who like to fish with a small dry fly as well as heavy European modern nymphing style.
Blanks are built with Japanese carbon fiber by Toray and grips are in high density synthetic EVA foam.


Length: about ~10' 8" (325 cm)
Closed Size: ~ 23" (59 cm)
Segments: 7
Handle Length: ~9 1/2" (240cm).
Weight: 1.90 oz (54 grams)
Color: Black mix of glossy and semi-gloss.


Recommended fluorocarbon level line #2.5(experience) to #3.5 to all.

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