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Thomas Davis, August 31, 2017
"... The Tanuki XL-1 is a beautiful rod and performs wonderfully. It is a joy to fish and would be a prized addition to any tenkara anglers rod quiver. With its light weight and perfect balance, it can be fished for hours without arm fatigue, or without even noticing it's there! It feels like a natural extension of your casting arm. " read

David TaylorSeptember 12,2016

I recently received a Black Wing Angel 325 rod from Luong Tam.
Upon opening the rod's packaging and removing the 325 I was surprised and thrilled with the finish of the rod. I expanded the rod to it's full length and noticed the rod has a GREAT feel to it and the balance is spot on. It was now time to attach a line (#3 Level Line) to it and see how it cast.
All I can say is WOW!!! I am by no means an expert but the 325 makes me feel like one.  It is very precise and easy to cast! It has a very flexible tip yet the rod has backbone. Now was the test, take it fishing.
It was very easy to pick my spot and place my fly right on it.
I soon had a fish on, a decent size bluegill. I was a little nervous on how well the rod would preform as it is so light in my hand. With a nice bend  it landed the bluegill with ease.  I was HOOKED (pardon the pun)then!!! Since then I've  caught many, many bluegill and bass with my rod and it has preformed FLAWLESSLY!!!!
I am thrilled to piece with my 325 and wish I would  have purchased one sooner. I see another TANUKI rod in my future!!!
Luong Tam did his homework and research and has designed and produced a SWEET rod.
THANK YOU Luong Tam!!!!!

Jud McKee, April 27, 2016
The Tanuki 425 Snow has to be the most beautiful rod I've fished with to date. I say to date because I'm on the list for a 375 Snow which will give it a run for its money. I have fished the 425 on the Owens, Hot Creek, and upper Sacramento Rivers. Thrown little #18-20 drys, #8-12 Kebari, streamers, and I don't know what size the stones we threw on the upper Sac were but in the evening insects were as as big as my pinky. I think it was most impressive recently on the upper Sac. The snow melt was on, the flies big and heavy, and the river was pumping at near 2000 cfs and yet somehow I was still able to feel the rainbows soft tug... definitely amazing.
With the Tanuki 325 my wife took one look and claimed it for herself. I actually had to order a second before I got to fish with one and the wait was worth it. Super light, precise, subtle, and did I mention strong. Landed a 20" brown down in a tight pocket standing thigh deep with shelf like banks and brush on either side. My Tanuki 325 took a beating that day,  looked good doing it. It is now my go to rod.
Did you know the blanks in the Tanuki rods are interchangeable?  A feature I fully appreciated when down in the bottom of a very deep gorge and heard the dreaded carbon SNAP while all tangled in the bush and boulders. Swapping out a blank from my 425, only took 2-3 minutes to get back up and fishing. We caught 5 fish on 9 casts just minutes later and that feature alone took us from bummer to brilliant. Reminder these are the little details that separate good from great designs.
Then Tanuki followed that up by replacing my blank on the same day.

SK Tzeng, March 4, 2016 -- Taiwan
I receive Tanuki 375 rod today, this is use for Tenkara fishing and design by Luong Tam.
Tenkara Tanuki rod crafted with care for those who love to catch beautiful fish! read more...

Thomas DavisJanuary 1, 2016
I visited Brent Auger, from Dragontail Tenkara, the other day. It was great to see him and to see the Dragontail Tenkara warehouse. They've got a lot of exciting projects that I'm looking forward to; some new offerings and some expanded product lines. It looks like it will be another great year for them.
Anyway, while I was there, Brent loaned me a new Tenkara Tanuki 425 rod to look at and test. He received a few from Luong Tam, the designer of the rod. Here is my impression of the rod; it's a dry review since the temperatures are currently in the single digits and the streams are all full of blue read more...

Robert WorthingDecember 21, 2015
Lots of questions on the Snow Tanuki and Dark Cloud Tanuki 425 rods. Hope this helps:
"The first time I fished with the Tenkara Tanuki 425, I knew I was in love. And I was pretty vocal about that love, too. So it was little surprise when read more...

Thomas Davis, December 19, 2015
I recently received a new tenkara rod that I purchased. It is the Tenkara Tanuki  375 "Black Beauty".  It is a tenkara rod designed in California by Luong Tam, an engineer by education and trade, and produced in China. According to John Vetterli, of Tenkara Guides LLC, Tam has "sourced the very highest quality raw materials read more...

John Vetterli, December 9, 2015
Just received my Tanuki 375 from my good friend Luong Tam.
Very well packaged for shipping. Lots of bubble wrap.
The rod has a flawless finish. All labels and components are perfectly assembled.
I really like the little details of pieces like the winding check and the molded graphics in the EVA grip.
The grip has a nice

Brent J. AugerDecember 7, 2015
Just got my Tanuki 375 rod from Luong Tam, very impressive rod. I got to try this rod out in the developmental stages and it is one sweet rod to fish. Quality all the way through with attention to the little read more...

Jason KonopinskiDecember 7, 2015
Just received (as in, 20 minutes ago!) my Tenkara Tanuki 375. The fit and finish on this rod is just exceptional. You can tell that Luong Tam has thought the design, materials and overall aesthetic through down to the last read more...

James KnittleDecember 4, 2015
got out to the Lehigh river today for a couple hours . used my brand new Tanuki 375 what a beautiful rod , the details are great and it fishes amazing . very little effort needed to cast and very accurate . anybody on the fence about buying it, go ahead I'm  read more...

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