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Tanuki 425 -- Dark Cloud

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Tanuki 425 is the favorite rod for many experienced tenkara fishers and guides. Many consider, it is the best tenkara rod longer than 13'. It is great for open water and perfect for those who love traditional Japanese rod style and Western powered rod. It is designed for better ergonomics and pinpoint casting with tight loop. It provides stronger backbones of Western tenkara rods and delicate flexibility tips. It gives a good bend on 11" to 26” fish.
High flexibility and ultra light tip sections help those who love to cast from small dry fly. Tanuki 425 is designed beyond tractional Japanese kebari for Czech nymphing. By putting the index finger on the wooden section of the grip, fishers would have a better feeling the rod vibration.
Blanks are built with Japanese carbon fiber by Toray and grips are in high density synthetic EVA foam.


Length: about 425 cm (~13' 11-1/4")
Closed Size: about 59 cm (~23")
Segments: 9
Handle Length: 30 cm (11-3/4")
Weight: 102 gram 3.6 oz
Color: Glossy Black


Recommended level line #3.0 - #3.5, trout small than 26"

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