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Tanuki Mini Saucer - Line Holder

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Tanuki Mini Saucer - super line holder and eco-friendly
(Shipping USA add $2.5, outside USA add $5)

  1. Silicone outside and center. It can holder up to 20' of furled line or tanuki floating line.
  2. Outer can open or closer to protect the line and keep the line from getting dirty or damage by UV
  3. Two small compartment can be used as fly box and keep the hooks secure
  4. Light compact and float
  5. Semi-Cone shape to help the line holder rolling away like the donut shape one


Weight: 0.3 oz/9 gr, Height: 0.3" / 8mm, OD: 2.36" / 60mm

Options: Saucer Docking Station - saucer storage up to 4 saucers

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