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Tanuki Pocket Ninja 320 [OUTBOUND ADVENTURER ]

Masterfully Crafted Tanuki Pocket Ninja Rod for Outbound Adventurers
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Product Details

A unique of one of its kind rod, the Pocket Ninja 320, OUTBOUND ADVENTURER, is the art of fishing instrument. It is designed to catch on the roadside, backpacking, traveling... The rod bends on a 12"/25cm fish feels like a good trophy. Small streams have a lot of hanging branches and undercut banks... The rod has just enough backbone to control the fish to prevent it digs into hiding or fast-moving water. It is a casting rod, it helps to deliver the into a tight spot.

The rod action is similar to the black Pocket Ninja 335 and the Pocket Ninja 240 (Headwaters).There are three versions of the artwork: The Abstract Trout Skin, High Mountain Stream by Anthony Naples of Pennsylvania, US, and A Swimming Brown Trout by Charles Jardine of the UK.

Length: About ~ 10'6" /~ 320 cm.
Closed Length: About ~13" / 34cm
Weight: About 2oz.

Tanuki Pocket Ninja - Mill Creek, MT

Caught in Fast Current Water.

Tips and Tricks - Casting with tight cover

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