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Tanuki 375

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Tanuki 375 Black Grip.

Tanuki rod is crafted with care and designed for fishers who love to catch beautiful fish. Tanuki 375 is built for all level of experience. Smooth casting likes a traditional Japanese rod . Controlling a fish likes a strong backbone of western rod. It is designed and built for all levels of Tenkara fishing.
Tanuki grip is ergonomic designed to be more comfortable for a long fishing day. The high density EVA synthetics is providing more durable, sensitive to rod vibration.

Length: about 375 cm (~12'-4")
Closed Size: about 58 cm (~23")
Segments: 8
Handle Length: 28cm (11").
Weight: 77 gram 2.72 oz.
Color: Glossy Black

Recommended trout size less than 22".

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